We are investing for the future to strengthen our own capabilities to innovate and bring new products and solutions to the market

Our approach to innovation combines our capabilities with renewable materials to drive change towards a more sustainable future. We address trends that affect our customers and end-consumers while advancing solutions to reduce dependence on fossil-based materials.

We help clients come up with new products, services, and processes, and recently, we’ve noticed an increased focus on sustainability innovations. While it would be lovely to claim that this shift towards social responsibility is entirely noble, the fact of the matter is that customers want eco-friendly products.

To meet the challenges of developing new raw materials and products for the circular bio-economy, we bring together cross-disciplinary teams of highly skilled professionals, the latest research and customer insights. The combination of excellent know-how about our current products, how they are used and the processes to produce them on an industrial scale is the foundation for creating new solutions.

They can be new properties or uses for wood and fibre-based materials, new business models or service concepts built around our core know-how. Additionally, we are constantly looking for ways in which we can improve processes, save energy and use resources efficiently in our operations, for our customers and throughout the value chain.

Paper and Cards

Sustainable sourced, recycled content used where we can

Sustainably sourced paper and cardboard, using recycled content where we can. Uses include Vegware hot cups, soup containers, paper straws, Bon Appetit bowls, and various takeaway containers.


Renewable PLA for cold food & drink, CPLA for hot.

Glucose is extracted from milled corn. It is then fermented to produce lactic acid, which is processed into a polymer and made into pellets. PLA is used in our clear products like cold cups and deli containers, and to line our board-based products. CPLA is crystallised PLA, used when more heat resistance is needed, like with our lids and cutlery.


Reclaimed sugarcane. Sturdy & practical, for hot & cold use.

Bagasse is a stylish eco alternative to polystyrene suitable for hot and cold food. Made from reclaimed sugarcane, our bagasse uses the dry fibrous residue left once sugarcane has been pressed for juice. A high-heat, high-pressure process is applied to press and shape the fibres. Used to make our takeaway boxes, plates and bowls.


Fallen, pressed Areca leaves. Unique eco style.

Tableware suitable for hot and cold food. Fallen leaves are gathered and cleansed with high-pressure water jets. Once dried, they are shaped under heated moulds. There are no coatings, additives or chemicals, just the natural leaf. Used to make our Palm leaf tableware, including plates, platters and bowls.